Pluma Feliz Farms is a now located in Beautiful Carroll County! We are driven to provide Marylanders with delicious produce and pasture-based meats that support the health and economy of our region through improving the our pastures and sourcing our animals, inputs and feeds from local hatcheries, farmers and businesses. Our animals are raised by hand, live on pasture and are processed with kindness and respect by the farmer who raised them or by local abattoirs.

View from the barn
We are located on the Eisberg Family farm. The Eisbergs have been gracious enough to lease us  their heritage farm, which has been feeding their family since 1912. They currently produce free range eggs, alfalfa hay and Dahlias. The Eisbergs have allowed us to expand out operation from pasture-raised chickens and turkeys to pasture-raised chickens, turkeys, egg layers, pigs and a whole host of vegetables and fruits.

Poults on pasture

Our animals are raised to allow them to fully express their instincts. They receive fresh greens from they day they arrive, until they are ready to embark on their journey across the pasture. This means that our animals  have a taste for grass and the foraging skills necessary for them to thrive on pasture from their first day on the grass.

Pastured Poultry CSA in Baltimore, MD

Pastured Poultry CSA in Baltimore, MD

Once our pasture trained animals reach the proper processing condition and weight, the poultry is processed on farm and an the pigs are processed in a Carroll County abattoir. This means that your food is as fresh as possible and has low food miles. Additionally, our wonderful pastures impart, according to USDA studies, higher levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, calcium and trace minerals, and far less saturated fat.

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We believe that this care and attention to our animals creates the best tasting and most nutritious meats you can get. We never use chemical wormers,  insecticides or treatments. Our animals are free from vaccines, antibiotics and hormones. We wouldn’t give those to our friends and neighbors, and we won’t give those to our animals.

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We also believe that you should know where you food comes from. We have an open door policy at our farm. All of our practices, pastures and processes are open to you the consumer. Whether you want to see your chicken as a peep, or its final day, you are welcome. If you want to inspect the feed, the pastures or our management, we welcome you! Try that at a conventional farm!

Come see us at one of our weekly markets or at the farm!